I Appear On The Cover Story Of The Star Sunday Metro

“I will go all lengths to find great coffee. For purists like me, the espresso brewing method magnifies the potential and will extract all the goodness of a coffee bean or blend. But it can also be disappointing as it is hard to get it right. When it does go wrong, it can be an [...]

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My Blog Is Down

Sorry folks,
If you are visiting my site for the past week, you will be disappointed that my blog is down.
The reason solely is I have just downgraded my hosting package, so I was supposed to backup all the files and move to a new server. However after moving to a new home, unfortunately the blog [...]

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0 Latte Art Competition

Latte Art Competition

I am thinking of organizing a latte art contest for the coffee baristas in Malaysia (Klang Valley).
The idea of the latte art contest is to provide a platform for the coffee baristas (doesn’t matter if he/she is a home or professional coffee barista) to not only to compete against each other but [...]

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0 Wega Grinder For Sale

Wega Grinder For Sale

I am putting up a used Wega Max grinder for sale. If interested, please contact me or use the comments form below.
For your information, Wega grinders are manufactured by Compak, a Spanish company that also manufactures Ascaso brand of coffee grinders, which you can find at ETC concept store @ The Curve, Damansara.
The grinder is [...]

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0 Year End Christmas Promotion

Year End Christmas Promotion

To celebrate the passing of year 2009 and to welcome the arrival of year 2010, we have manage to get the support of two lovely cafes in giving YOU, our lovely reader and Coffee Lover, a very special…
This year-end promotion is brought to you by KF Chan, the man behind Coffee in Malaysia and is [...]

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0 Drink Your Coffee While Still Hot?

Drink Your Coffee While Still Hot?

[singlepic id=627 w=600 h=550 float=]
The general consensus for hot drinks is always drink them while still hot because at that temperature, they always taste the best.
Unfortunately, this is not the case with brewed coffee. Of course, you have to brew the coffee at near boiling water (96degree Celcius to be precise) in order to extract [...]

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0 Home Barista Jam @ Irving's

Home Barista Jam @ Irving's

Yet again, we had another home barista jam at Irving’s place on last Sunday. Irving had just done a couple of mods to his Oscar espresso machine. So KF Chan, KK Yoon (finally met after some emails between us) and I was invited to come over to check out the differences.
So what are the mods [...]

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0 I Met Jack Hanna @ FHM 2009

I Met Jack Hanna @ FHM 2009

On the last FHM, I was glad to be at the Barista Coffee counter to meet Jack Hanna in person. For you who do not know, Jack was the 2007 World Latte Champion. Jack not only won with his signature design but, in a very impressive display of talent, Jack poured identical rosettas behind his [...]

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0 Coffee Crawl @ Singapore – Day 2 (Part II)

Coffee Crawl @ Singapore – Day 2 (Part II)

My last destination of the day is Cafe Oriole @ Somerset Road. This place is run by Keith Loh (the owner) and John Ting (head barista). John Ting is the current Singapore champion while Keith Loh is the runner-up. Both are dedicated in serving quality coffee by dedicated, professional and properly-trained baristas.
[singlepic id=607 w=500 h=420 [...]

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1 Coffee Crawl @ Singapore – Day 2 (Part I)

Coffee Crawl @ Singapore – Day 2 (Part I)

The next day, I went to my next destination, Jules Cafe Bar. Nothing I could really say as it was also disappointing when it comes to coffee. What enticed me in the first place was it serves Grinders coffee, a coffee boutique brand from Melbourne.
[singlepic id=580 w=500 h=420 float=]
If you are looking for good, authentic [...]

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